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Q: When will you have flash games available?

A: We released a game on Facebook during February 2013. It just was added to the website during August 2013. There is a lot of work and money put into creating any type of software, so those elements are what determine how long the process will take. If donations (sponsorships) are given to us and/or purchases are made, that will expedite the time it takes to make them.

Q: How do I pay for stuff in the game? What if there is no purchase button?

A: Our games should have a buy button in or around them. If there is no button to purchase items, there should be a purple support us button in the top right corner of the game's page. We also have one on the accounts page. Hover your mouse over the support us button and list of different currencies should display. Pick your currency that you use by clicking on it. It should take you to a paypal website for making your purchase. In order for us to know that it is a payment and not a donation. Please leave a note or comment on the payment just made with the following information "Purchase type: Game Content, Game Name: (name of game), First Name: (first name), Last Name: (last name), Kattner Games ID: (your katner games id), Contact Info: (email address)" Please do not put your username and/or password.

Q: How do I find my Kattner Games ID? What is a Kattner Games ID?

A: Your Kattner Games ID is created after account creation is completed. You can find it by logging into the Account Manager. It will be displayed in the upper-left hand corner of it. It is very important for making purchases and/or giving consent for children to play our game(s). The parent's game id is the parent's Kattner Games ID.

Q: Do I use my payments for tax purposes?

A: If it is for donations, the answer is no. We are a for-profit organization, so donations given to us are considered a sponsorship. If it is for a payment (such as for buying game content or for subscriptions), then it may be subject to taxes. This depends on the country and/or state that you currently reside in. It also depends on the state(s) our business is in. The company itself is in Ohio, USA. Although we have visited other countries without taking up residence.

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