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Please, use the menus on the left-hand side of this page to get your questions answered. We will however answer a few questions here.

Q: Will you be finishing any more game or a cartoon any time soone? Will you continut to make articles.

A: We plan to make another game, but it may take awhile due to lack of funding. We plan to make a cartoon, but once again that depends on you, the fans and/or customers, to make that possible. We will still continue to provide articles as those have a higher chance of receiving income, even though it will probably not be much. Money is what makes a business keep going. Many small business have been crushed by the bigger corporations due to lack of resources and money. We were lucky enough just to stay around this long due to Jakob working his butt off in a warehouse to keep it afloat. Unfortunately, his warehouse days are no longer happening, so we will have to see how it all turns out. This time around, it is up to you to keep us going.

Q: Who is the Kattner Games Team?

A: Jakob A. Kattner, Noah Kattner, Daisy Kattner, and Jakob's wife. It is also composed of relatives and friends of Jakob. They all do volunteer work for him and do not get paid - yet.

Thank you.

Kattner Games Team

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