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Q: I am not able to view some of the content on your website. How do I make it viewable?

A: Some images or animations are used with either java or adobe flash. It is highly recommended you download jre or adobe flash player to be able to view some of our content.

Q: The videos on your video page appear as a white block for a long period of time. How do I resolve this issue?

A: Hit refresh or reload and wait a few moments for it to load. It is normal for the white block to show for a brief moment after refreshing the page.

Q: I am still unable to view videos and there is no white block. What do I do?

A: Make sure the ActiveX Controls are enabled. Some content may be unusable if ActiveX Controls are disabled or blocked.

Q: I am having trouble viewing updated animations that the Company has announced on its Facebook page or on the Announcements of the index page. What do I do?

A: First, try hitting refresh or reload. If that does not work, try clearing the browsing data. Then, reenter the page that you are having trouble with.

Q: Why does it say I am a Regular User in the Account Manager? What does that mean?

A: We have different types of users. For customers though, there are currently only two types of users. Regular User means you are either new, play stuff for free, or have not given much money to our company. Elite User means you have given a lot of money through donations or through payments. Elite Users are qualified for discounts for purchases.

Q: Do you give out discounts and how much?

A: Yes, we do give out discounts. It will mostly be given to elite users, but regular users can get discounts also when we have a promotion. There is not actual graph of the discounts. The amount of discount will be shown at the time of a promotion or on your Account Manager page (if you just so happen to get upgraded to Elite User status).

Q: How do I become an Elite User

A: Elite Users are those who have given a lot of money to our company and have earned the title of Elite User. You are probably wondering how much money... Well, it can vary, but I can tell you that anybody has given at least over $1000 to us over a period of time is definately going to be an Elite User. It does not have to be all at once. You just give a little bit to us each day or each week and it will add up. To calculate it, that would be pretty much giving us $21 per week or $3 per day. $3 for one day is "only a little money" as the girl has stated in our web video. Discounts for Elite Users start out at 20% and increases over time. The discount will not be greater than 75%.

Q: How many friends can I add to my Account Manager? Is there a maximum limit?

A: The maximum limit is 20 friends. Will we increase the limit? Possibly, but our database can only hold so much space. The more profit the company makes, the more space our databases will have. So, please buy our stuff or at least sponsor us.

Q: Does the website have any form of security like https? I do not see any.

A: The answer is yes. Https can be opened up via the main page of kattnergames.com. Go to the Index.html and then click the home button on the menu. Like magic you will have https to protect you. The other alternative is to go to our accounts page which https by default.

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