1. Chatting - Games that are playable by children under the age of thirteen will not have chat capability. This is to prevent parents from worrying about their very young ones from divulging private information. Any game that is playable by teanagers from ages 13 to 17, as well as ones for adults, will most likely have chat ability. We leave it up to parents to monitor the discussion held in such chat functions as chatting may or may not be fully monitored by our team(s).

2. Polls and Information Gathered - Any information we gather via polls or any other method is not used by us to be sold to third parties. We gather information to improve the quality of our games, the quality of our website, for the government (only if required), and for proper employment hiring procedures.

3. Data Storage - a. We will store user data on our game server(s) that contain first name, last name, user id, achievements, points, high score, and other game content earned (game-related content within the game itself). This data may have been pulled from Facebook or Kattner Games when using one of our games. The data is used for making the game experience more personal and fun as well as for finding your game saves quicker. It is also used for saving/loading the game state in one of the games that you may have been using. We do not sell data stored on our game server(s) to third-parties.

b. We will store user data on our wiki server, blog server, and website that contains usernames and passwords that have been created via our wiki page, blog page, or website and not through another website. Do not click on any links from other websites that direct you to our username creation/login pages. Instead, go through our site, via your address bar, to get to them.

4. Accounts - a. Information created and stored on servers that we use are not sold to third-parties. Any user that attempts to access an account or create an account will do so through a secure encryption (https).

b. We will never ask for your username or password via e-mail.

c. The only person authorized to create an account manually (meaning the user is not creating the account on his/her own) without doing it by phone are the administrator(s) and the assistant administrator(s). Page managers, editors, customer service, and tech support are only authorized to do such actions by phone only (a phone number that Kattner Games and/or the CEO/President has announced publicly via our website, through advertising, or on an official company page such as 'Kattner Audacious Games LLC' at linkedin.com) for security reasons.

d. Any e-mails that you receive from us will end in kattnergames.com, kattnergames.es, kattnergames.mx, or audacious-games.com (with the dash included. If there is no dash in audacious-games.com, it is not from us).

5. Cookies - We use cookies on our website to recognize users for login purposes only. The cookies stored are not used for tracking users activities outside our website. They also do not contain the username and/or password that the user may have on our website.

6. Tracking - We do monitor the activity and movement of users on our website itself to improve the quality of our website as well as its pages by determining which page the user visited, the location the user may or may not be from, and the date such user had activities on our website. Again, this is for improving our website as well as the software on our website. Any information gathered via tracking is not sold to third-parties without the user's permission.

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