-Terms of Usage-

1. Game and Screenshot Usage - When viewing and/or playing our games, you agree not to copy or reverse-engineer our games. You also agree not to copy and/or distribute copies of any screenshots provided by us on our website, on Facebook, on our blog, and/or on our wiki pages without our permission. You are permitted to create your own screenshots of our games for personal usage, provided you mention the name of the game it was taken from and you have stated it was from a game created by Kattner Games LLC, and the screenshots are not used for commercial usage. Screenshots of our games are not permitted to be taken during the closed beta stage, in development stage, and pre-development stage without permission from Kattner Games LLC.

2. Profanity - There is to be no serious profanity on our Facebook Company Page, on our Facebook App Pages, on our wiki pages, on our blog pages/posts and/or on our chat boxes that may or may not be in any of our games.

3. Terminations, Deletions, and Suspensions - Upon violating our Terms of Usage and/or our Privacy Policy the following actions will occur. Your account(s) will be terminated and/or suspended. Suspension will be no less than 30 days and no more than one year. If the violation relates to a comment and/or post, the comment and/or post may be subject to deletion with or without warning.

4. Refunds - a. Refunds will be given for game coins purchased that have not been used.

b. No refunds will be given for game coins that have been used and/or for free coins that are given in our game(s).

c. A refund will not be given when it is expired, which can range from 14 days to 30 days depending on the value of the refund and what the refund is for.

5. Limited Liability - We will not be liable for any damages to your computer by choosing to play our games and/or following our technical suggestions whether by phone, frequently asked questions, message board, post, and/or chat. We will not take responsibility for any medical related injuries and/or illnesses (this includes seizures caused by flashing images) that may or may not be caused by our software and/or games. Those prone to seizures caused by flashing images are encouraged to consult a doctor first before playing any of our games.

6. Terms of Agreement - By reading this Terms of Usage or playing any games that Kattner Games LLC owns the rights and permissions to, you are bound by the terms stated in the Terms of Usage and are subject to Section 3 of our "Terms of Usage". For parents of minors, you have agreed to give consent for your children playing our games, have read this agreement, and are bound to the terms stated in this Terms of Usage.

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